XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “I need him. He needs me.”

Season 11 is over, and it feels like the end of an era... Dramatic, much? Me? Always! This finale? Not half as much as the three that preceded it. Let's talk, friends. Looks like The Veeness might need a chat with Dr. Phil too. Team God and the fading light : “Looks like the sun... Continue Reading →


XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “This is the worst episode of Full House, ever.”

In “We Happy Few”, the Winchesters come home after running errands to find Lucifer and God still in the middle of a cold war.  In order to get them talking, the brothers decide to play Dr. Phil times 2. Also? God makes pancakes! And he has a plan, to take down Amara. Yeah, I know.... Continue Reading →

XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “You’re the firewall between light and darkness.”

“All In the Family” starts right where “Don't Call Me Chuck” leaves off. Outside the police station with Sam, Dean, Chuck and a glowing amulet. Sam, Dean, Chuck and Kevin in the bunker : “You're looking stressed.” Chuck zapps Sam and Dean to the bunker and makes Kevin appear. Kevin notes that the brothers are stressed... Continue Reading →

XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “I’m not leaving you. Ever.”

For the first time since I started the Winchester Brothers Report, I'm late posting it. I have a good reason and I need to share it before we start because I'm about to burst. Your girl Vee just deposited her thesis and she's done with Graduate School!!! I have so many plans, you guys. Aside... Continue Reading →

XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “Two hunters who make it to the finish line.”

“Trippin' trips”? “Orgies”? Oh, don't get excited, “The Chitters” is not nearly as scandalous as I'm making it sound. It's about loss, outsiders, teammates, brothers, hope, and the even better, unexpected, happy ending. Gather round the campfire, happy people, Supernatural is back. Sam and Dean investigate the green-eyed shakers : “We're not actually gonna go with... Continue Reading →

XI: Winchester Brothers Report “We geteth it.”

“Hell's Angel” (11.18) is an ambitious episode. The big players are back on the scene and making big moves. Old alliances are renewed, a character returns from the dead and Lucifer unleashes the power of a Hand of God on Amara. Last episode before the two-week April hiatus. Sam, Dean and Crowley on a mission... Continue Reading →

XI: Winchester Brothers Report “You got him, I need him, let’s make a deal.”

“The Bonnie to your Clyde.” “The Mallory to your Mickey.” “Sid and Nancy.” “I couldn't live with you dead.” Well, then, how about Romeo and Juliet? When I read the synopsis for episode 11.17 of Supernatural, “Red Meat”, I knew it had potential. Sam on the brink of death always makes for an interesting story... Continue Reading →

XI: Winchester Brothers Report “I got you.”

A child screams. “Something bad is in the house”. The room is cold, the lights go off, the door slams shut. Anybody getting “Home” flashbacks? And then there's that hand, silent, hideous, and reaching in the dark, like “Something Wicked”. Another scream. What the “Bloody Mary” hell is going on? Supernatural is back from hiatus... Continue Reading →

XI: Winchester Brothers Report “Groupie, much?”

The Top Notch Wrestling shows John used to take his boys to when they were kids are one of the few memories Dean has of his father being happy. When he comes across an obituary for Larry the Hangman Lee, John’s favorite wrestler, Dean convinces Sam they should go to the funeral and pay their... Continue Reading →


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