Sneak Peak S9 Episode 9 The boys are driving in the car, and Sam suddenly notices the road sign has drastically changed from Fort Collins half an hour ago the sign said 5o miles and now it saying a 100 miles.  Dean: 'What'! Sam: turns round looking very bewildered and confused ' That sign said Fort Collins 50 miles?' Dean:... Continue Reading →


Azazel was a Fallen Angel? Azazel was stronger because he was a fallen angel who became a demon. This got me thinking that Sam is now housing an angel. And Azazel was a fallen angel. So am I thinking that Sam is an angel related being and not demonic. Is his demon blood, angel blood all along? Is this where... Continue Reading →

Is Zeke working for Bartholomew – And Is Metatron behind it all?

Hael in the premier wanted Cas's vessel as his was stronger than the one she was already inhabiting. She went to great lengths in kidnapping Cas and keeping him within her grasp, to do with at her will. She was cunning and manipulative and Cas new it and ended her life and got out of... Continue Reading →

I wouldn’t like to be Dean right now?

So having still not seen this episode yet, I find out that our Dean is not so popular and appears to be a dick once again. Fans are thinking that the writers are writing Dean bad to make up for Sam looking a dick last year. The more I think about what Jeremy and Bob... Continue Reading →

My take on episode 9.04 …..

I had mixed feelings about the episode, but I think overall I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and above all the story telling. I love the 1935 black and white imagery and the finding of the key and where the key lead us too. The introduction of the hunters was interestingly told and sadly... Continue Reading →

Was making Cas human deliberate?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and thought was this a nifty little twist this season to bring in a new angel, and have Cas human so we don't have two powerful angels in camp? But for what initial, real purpose? These two men are closely connected celestial beings. Cas also vouched to... Continue Reading →

‘I’m no Angel’

So as you no I've not seen this episode and won't until Friday. So as the usual rounds go, give me all the highs and the lows and the in-between's. And don't skimp on any spoilers I will take it as it comes. Is the tension of the episode keeping you entertained, is it still... Continue Reading →

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