When does a human become a monster?

In the UK I was watching a soap called East-enders. And Sharon had it out with Phil whom wasn’t giving Lola a chance in allowing access to see her baby daughter Lexi. Sharron Called Phil out and informed him bluntly that he was a monster for the way he behaved. She found she couldn’t tolerate him a moment longer.

So my question is today when do we as humans cross that fine line that we become that monster? Sam is in fact human as we all no, one who feared becoming a monster in the true sense of the word. Sam also kills monsters for a living. I see a double edged sword. In when the Levee breaks Sam loathed hearing Hallucinated Dean say those immortal words that he dreaded to here about ‘you’re a monster.’ In fake Dean’s eyes who informed he was. How could a human character go so wrong, when they are a decent, kind and caring person. We’ve seen Sammy grow up, and we have seen him struggle with so much. Why did those demons create a monster in Sammy all those years ago?

Over these years how have we seen Sam change? how have we seen his personality grow and blossom into the man he is now? Do we sense he is maturing and handling those problems that he fears the most. Is he above all happy were he is now? This last year has been a turning point for me, deciding if his human traits have bleed across into his monster traits. Has his past interfered with who Sam is now? Is his anger and pent up aggression really Sam. Has he kept so much inside him, that his bubble is about to burst. He must sense he has changed, that he’s not the person we saw in season 1 and up to season 3. Where he would do everything he possible could to save people, including Dean.

The Men of letters has given Sam a whole new lease of life, helping him settle back into hunting, the thing that he always wanted to get away from. Even though we no he had settle down to that idea, that he wasn’t going to bolt. Has this new life engaged him and allowed him to dig dipper into the world of knowledge. Is this in fact his role in life all along that he was in fact destined to be a, ‘man of knowledge’? Was this perfection from the point of view of the writers. Was this actually a turning point to ease Sam in a new direction and curb his anger within? Has this legacy help tame Sam, bring him back down to earth and something that will perhaps  keep him level headed?

How do you see Sam now? do you think the MOL legacy will aid Sam in the future to occupy him and give him something to focus on, and not so much of the hunting which he battled to get away from? Has he now been able to settle into a life where he can cope is happy and rooted. Bella would love to no how you feel.  Is Sam as we no him coping, and if his stress is less manageable or more, now?


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