Various questions?

Dean came by the Mark of Cain via Cain himself so this thought still continues to wow me. Will Dean have any traits similar to Cain. Would the Mark have carried anything from Cain into Dean. We also know that Dean is not possessed by a demon in the usual manner via a trail of black smoke, so what magic has really twisted Dean’s soul.

I have a two small parter questions today as my mind over the summer has gone completely blank and my imagination has dried up. So sorry for the lack of posts. A few weeks ago I met up with a poster in person on IMDb, and we had a great afternoon talking about our boys, and what lies ahead. One of the talkative points raised was about this mysterious new character by the name of Cole who knows Dean from the past. Now my buddy said she looked through the archives and lots of stuff from the show its self. She also researched Super-wiki and couldn’t come up with jack squat about who this Cole is? More to the point why he’s tracking Dean down and basically wants to waste him. Do any of you have any information as regards his past and his association with Dean.

Part 3 what do we think of the clip and the synopsis for the premier, would love to know your thoughts.

The official SYNOPSIS out for season PREMIERE
DEAN IS LIVING IT UP AS A DEMON WHILE SAM HITS ROCK BOTTOM IN THE SEARCH FOR HIS BROTHER–Dean(Jensen Ackles) is a demon and running amuck with Crowley(Mark Sheppard) while Sam(Jared Padalecki) tries to figure out what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, Castiel(Misha Collins) is dealing with his diminishing grace. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver. sneak-peek

Fourth final parter question, do you think it was ever Dean’s destiny to take on the MoC? As they are connected to Cain and Abel? What are your thoughts on this?

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If Dean is cured?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and discussions have come out more or less the same. That if Sam does cure Demon Dean, Dean at the end of ‘Do you believe in miracles’ Metatron ends Dean. So in all tense and purposes Dean does not exist, he’s dead. His soul is twisted and still bears the Mark of Cain. So Sam has a mountain of work to think about. If Sam does cure him, how will the writers get around this one. What scenario will they think up to get Dean out of this hole? Leave him a demon is this their only option?

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Is it this easy for Sam to cure Demon Dean, and bring Dean back to whom he once was? Is Dean so far twisted that Sam can’t untwist Dean. Could Sam actually be forced to work along side Demon Dean because he can’t find a cure. Or a cure all scenario? If the Blade is the real problem behind twisting Dean into who he is, is this Sam’s best bet in trying to get Dean back to who he really was? I am also forced to ask myself will Dean ever be the same again? Was this also the burden that Cain was trying to tell Dean way back in ‘First Born’. That he will never be free of the Mark, and will remain a demon for all eternity?

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By the sounds of things I doubt the writers will leave Dean permanently a demon. I think this show just likes to dabble their toes in the water with the boys and not leave them on a hook for all eternity. So if my prediction is to be believed again using our imaginations how do we think Dean will be saved, using what methods and by what means. I think back to all the times that Sam was in trouble and Dean had to do way out things to save Sam, how will this be any different?

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So my question is how can Dean come back from this, knowing what we know that his body that contained him is dead. What chances does Dean having in coming back to normal and being free from the MoC and the taint that shadows him. Bella would love to know how do you think the writers will wriggle out of this one?

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What ‘unsavory’ things does Sam do?

I think from what I have been reading that we will have a headache between the fans going into season 10. It brings me back to Sam not looking for Dean and how all this turns around going into season 10. Sam didn’t look for Dean and Dean was upset of this fact that Sam didn’t even bother. This season when Dean is finally cured and Sam obviously succeeds in saving his brother, Dean apparently is upset about the things he did when he was a demon because this wasn’t him. So he feels he isn’t responsible for what Demon Dean got up to whilst painting the town red. But the coin flips this time that Dean isn’t upset about Sam not saving him, but how Sam goes about saving him. What lengths Sam goes to in order to get Dean back. So can Sam win? Sam is in the wrong for not saving him at the start of season 8 but now Dean is mad as a march hare for what Sam does in trying.

So what can we assume Sam does that really messes with Dean’s head so badly that he will presumably have a hard time in forgiving Sam. Once again these brothers will be at odds. The angst will feel just as bad, and just as severe as Sam was over Dean with the possession. Dean went into this with an open mind, he took on the Mark willingly and took on what came with it willingly. So now that Sam does try his best to save Dean, he is as mad as hell, why? Does he have the right to be mad when he took on the black magic himself? The writers really loving toying with us fans, thinking one minute this season the boys would finally be on the same page, and that it was long overdue. How wrong we us brothers fans that this ends up not being the case.

Plots are woven into this show to make us think and for obvious reasons add drama, as otherwise as I’ve said on many occasion it would be as boring as hell. But are the writers slowly running out of material and this is the best they can come up with having either brother at odds with each other alternating it each season thinking we hadn’t noticed. Will this make the division in the fandom even harder to bear, not knowing which side to bat for. Whether your a Dean fan, or Sam fan it will shatter us thinking what else can they conjure up to divide the boys even further down a dark disappearing hole. I love this show for the way in which the brothers survive and what they go through. But how much more can they physically take before either brother says I’ve had enough. After all the core behind this show is the brothers relationship and if this is damaged beyond repair then where does this leave the show?

Embedded image permalink

So how do you feel about by the looks of things that the blame may end up back at Sam’s door once again. Are the writers finding so hard to invent new stories that this is all we have to look forward to, the brothers constantly bickering and that all love at the end of the day is lost between them forever! I find it sad, that its resulting in yet another heartbreaking feud that won’t easily go away.

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Is Metatron writing the new Winchester Gospel?

A new poster here yesterday popped this thought into my head, so I hope she doesn’t mind me talking about her idea as I think its superb. I am also jealous I didn’t think of it myself;)

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Could Metatron be behind everything. He is writing a new gospel in which the Winchesters are not supposed to be the heroes as he said himself. That is why Sam did not look for Dean, he could not as Metatron did write it so, that is why the scenes with Amelia were so unreal, dreamlike, Metatron did not know any better as he knew humans only from the books he was reading, maybe poorly written ones. That is why Sam is suddenly not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel anymore, but wants to die. That is why he said all this awful things to Dean, but did not really mean them, as it that was not what he, Sam, would have done, had Metatron not written it that way. And that is why Metatron wanted Kevin dead, as Kevin was the true prophet and he might have been an obstacle. And it makes sense as Jared recently said in an interview that Sam figures out that somebody is to be blamed for what has happened and it is neither Sam nor Dean. 

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It does feel strange that we did mull over things here about the picnic scene and other scenes with Sam and Amelia. I do remember us mentioning that we also thought it could have been some alternate universe that had been created. So I could believe this write up to be allowed to unfold. It could be a spell of a creative genius at work and that would suit Metatron down to a tee. I could see his character putting Sam and Dean threw hell and putting them in a world like the trickster did, its all possible. Also Metatron always said and told Dean that it was always about the stories. He told Cas to have babies and come and find him and tell him his. I also keep thinking about Naomi, why Metatron really killed her. Was she a real threat to his story telling? My only one negative thought perhaps is that why is Sam looking for Dean now? If Metatron has placed the boys in this fantasy world, how will this be addressed?

Let me know what you think about this new Sam and Dean gospel that Metatron could be behind. Our are writers up to this level of fantasy a world created for Sam and Dean that doesn’t make them appear very nice heroes.

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I had an idea where this arc was going, did you?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who remembered we both had a strong feeling where the story was heading. But I can’t remember how far back I had begun to piece it all together. As you know many of you may remember how I felt about Sam not looking for Dean back in season 8, and I thought that someone had given Sam a transplant that he wasn’t the same person. (sarcasm) Who was this man before me who came into my heart all those years ago, as a young man who would do ANYTHING for his brother, who looked up to his brother no matter what or who got in the way. Just as Dean has always done for Sam there was never a dividing line between these boys until the very start of season 8. Me personally I was dreading tuning into the show that autumn because of the spoilers I had read and the interviews that Jared had conducted over those months.  I was petrified how it would turn out and in what ways they would change my darling Sam.

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I recall writing on this blog that I was angry over certain things, that not looking for Dean was a sham and what was JC thinking. Then we began to get further into the story and that Sam was turning into this ‘MATURE’ Sam who continued on with his life without lifting a finger to save his brother. In my mind I began to work out if this was a cycle that JC was trying to break that every time they do die the boys do look and turn up every angel and rock until they find a shed of evidence as to where it might lead them. I was horrified to find that Sam had hit a damned dog, and it also involved a woman. We then began to think about that picnic scene whether it was real, as I recall us remembering Lisa’s picnic scene in Dream a little dream of me. There was so much talk of the scene being hazy and that it didn’t look real. Was Sam in an alternate universe, had something happened to Sam. Amelia turned out to be disgusting, and our worst nightmare. Then we noticed the mystery man who was outside the lodge when Sam left Amelia, who was he. From a tweet from Jim Michael’s it was revealed to be Don. What a let down, reality check OMG I thought it could have been an Alpha Vamp seeing if Sam had kept to his deal? The thoughts that went through our minds at the time left us with shades of grey tinged with a bit of blue for hope that it would all turn out.

Season 8 was a real hotch potch until we saw the finale, but even now I don’t think we have seen the full story unfold. Sam felt bitter and confessed that he had let his brother down so many times and that he couldn’t do it to him again. Was this leading some where? I gather my thoughts once again and move forward. Season 9 Dean does a deal to save Sam and allows him to be healed from the inside by a dodgy angel who we thought was at the time. Some still think he is (Gadreel). Dean gets Gad out of Sam with the help of Crowley and Cas, the mission is successful. The we get the famous ‘First Born’ which kicks Dean further into this grey story. The boys separate as Sam’s anger eats away at him and finds it hard to forgive Dean. Dean is still pissed at himself knowing how upset Sam is takes it in his stride to take on the MoC via Crowley’s interference. Cain see’s Dean is the worthy one, who can pack a fight and signs over his mark to Dean who is now the soul bearer. This go from bad to worse for Dean. In the finale we see Dean fight Metatron who kills Dean. Crowley insists he’s innocent in all of this and resurrects our Dean into a demon.

Now most of this I felt coming, and I sensed that it wouldn’t all end with killing Abaddon which was why I thought they didn’t kill her off in the finale. That Crowley had something else planned up his sleeve for Dean. He said to his demon Jake ‘He’s ready’ which was a big clue for me. Crowley knew that Dean was ready to be turned into a demon.

JC said that at the start of his tenure as show-runner that his stories would be told over a three year period, giving us a three year arc. The start of this arc we see Sam not looking for Dean. Last week on the Winchester Family Business I found an article which talked about season 9 being about betrayal and someone mentioned here that they thought it was the opposite that season 9 is about redemption. And this is exactly where I am leading up to with all this. JC is famous for writing regimental Sam from Mystery Spot and I know what you did last summer. I have read recent interviews this week which prompt me to think that Sam as we know no will save Dean. But its the way in which he goes about saving Dean. Going about it by unsavory means has been one phrase that springs to mind. But yes I think the link between all these three seasons has been a slow build up to Sam’s redemption in not looking for his brother. We’ve seen this journey unfold and how the boys still help each other out in times of conflict even though they have been through tough times themselves. I think JC needed to break that cycle and I was right to think this, that Sam not looking was sort of a diversion away from the good old Sam who always would look. We needed to see that break down in communication from the boys and this was a clear way to do it. It may have wrecked some fans views of Sam but at least JC’s plan had a clear beginning, middle and what I hope to be a superb end of the brothers reuniting on solid ground. They both need this, and they both need time apart to be able to achieve it.

How do you still feel about the last two seasons going into season 10. Is this your take on JC’s plans leading up to next May’s finale. I am guessing next season we won’t have many demon Dean episodes as by episode 5 it appears they are back together. Do you think my predictions were right this time, and let me know of course why you might not think I’m right. What are your feelings about the whole three arc’s?

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I’m Proud of US/YOU?

I kept thinking about this line when Dean was dying and Sam was clutching Dean. It wasn’t until I’d read an article on TWFB that it dawned on me that Sonny had said it to Dean during ‘Bad Boys’. When reading this article it prompted me back to earlier seasons and thinking was, was this in fact what Dean was wanting to hear from John all those years ago. Words come back to haunt us, and I think this sentence was one of those times. It felt like I’d been spooked.

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Was Dean mirroring what he wanted to here from John, relaying it back to Sam? Or that Dean really was proud of them both with out any interference from the past. Was he elated that the recent years the pair of them had spent together all come together and finally meant something to Dean that he Sam had come so far and that Sam had no doubts in the church last season. Could Sam finally have a clear conscience that even though he thought he’d let Dean down so many times, that finally his brother was supremely proud of him.

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I think hearing Dean say this was a turning point and that as an audience we needed to hear it or at least hear Dean say it out loud to Sam. It felt like they were a unit, and that they were a united unit. I also think Dean had wanted to say this for some time and it never felt like the right time to say it. The possession stuff had taken over what he really wanted to say to Sam and I think their time in the chapel had preyed on Dean’s mind.  I also think saying a few words can sometimes mean a great deal. He didn’t need to say very much for it to mean something huge to Sam. It was a real shame that Dean died saying it. Was Dean thinking of Sonny, or John when he relayed those words back to Sam?

How did you feel about those final words from Dean? What did it relay back to you, and what were you thinking at the time? Did Dean maybe know John was proud of him, and didn’t need to hear him say it, or it was something he may have just imagined in his own mind, until he heard Sonny say those exact same words.


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What is Crowley actually going to do with Dean?

This actually sounds a wired question to put to you. But ever since the finale I’ve been thinking none stop about Crowley’s attachment to Dean, and why he lead him this merry dance and to where they both are now. Do we sense that Dean will wonder away with Crowley. Will Dean be unable to control that he might become this savage beast that needs to be caged up. Will Dean go willing with Crowley and become this wired hybrid cross demon.

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I also keep asking myself what control will Dean have over himself, and his demonic side and this new super power from the Mark of Cain. Dean now has double the trouble to contend with and the pressure from Crowley. What has Crowley in mind for Dean, now that he can howl at the moon with Dean? We sense that its heading in some direction and that Sam has it in his mind that he will save Dean this time. This we are pretty certain will happen. But where will Dean end up? Does he stay behind in the bunker, wake up, stand up and walk around like nothing has even happened? If Crowley zaps Dean down to hell, what dark deep chores will Crowley find for his new assistant to do?

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Or will this strange event take a completely different turn and Dean doesn’t see Crowley next to him as he’s disappeared of back to hell on his own some leaving Dean with his new life to cope on his own. I wouldn’t put this past Crowley either. Could Crowley have his legion of demons watching over Dean and reporting back to him. Could Crowley use Dean for some major bust up in hell? Is Dean Crowley’s secret weapon to get rid of some unwanted toe rags. But why does he need Dean to do this when he has the power himself? Why is Dean’s new found power so important to Crowley? Crowley never bothers with anything unless there is something in it for him. So does he know something else about Dean’s new powers that we don’t. Remember how Crowley was with Cas over the souls in Hell?

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So how do you see this panning out? Do you have any thoughts that you’d like to spill regarding Dean’s next dark adventure…..


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Your thoughts on season 9?

Not much really to talk about, as the season has come full circle on us, and are not far from hitching a ride with season 10 on this current road trip. So how do you all really feel about season 9 so far, and have your thoughts differed along the route? Living up to your expectations feels such a boring phrase these days, but did it? Was it too easy perhaps to work out the story that was looming? Could we sense what path Dean was about to take from the jump. Signing a deal with the angels to save Sam, and then ending up in a deal himself. This season hasn’t bode well for Dean. In the dog house with Sam over the possession, and Gadreel. I thought Gadreel was the bad guy, but I was proved very wrong. I still find he turned out to be the real hero, who only wanted to clear his name. Thus sacrificing his own life to save his fellow angel Cas who could save the bigger picture, killing Metatron.

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Is this season all about those shady, unflattering deals that we know by now result in a horrible ending that never get fully resolved. Do we sense tension in camp that the deals are coming between the boys and not doing them very much good mentally or physically? Many have found it increasingly hard to forgive Sam for his words to Dean that Sam could be so cruel and actually say it. I felt I was right in the fact that those words were heading somewhere, that yes Sam would save Dean by supernatural means. I feel I’ve been here before!! That marching into season 10 Sam will find a way to save his brother. He has already made a start on his quest to summon Crowley. But was he too late, as Crowley already appears to have found Dean.

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So onto my next port of call, which is Crowley? I still feel Crowley is as guilty as hell, in pushing Dean into taking the mark of Cain. I explained this fully on Supernaturally Devoted for those who have not seen it. I also feel that Crowley must have met up with Cain previously as would Cain so easily pass on his crest to someone he’d only just met? Crowley being so scared of Cain, the father of murder, was all an act. It was a cover to show off Dean and set him up for the fight against those demons. Dean had previously informed Crowley that he had clocked him that he had worked out Crowley had set him up. Why was Dean so damned stupid? Why did he accept the mark so willingly just because it gave him a free ride to kill Abaddon? Yes he was mission oriented of course he was. But not to question it fully in his own mind. Just to have a few minutes to contemplate this deal. But no, in true Dean style he wades right in and is on the receiving end of this nightmare. So what am I saying that it made Dean look stupid? I thought that Dean was smarter than this, I thought it would have registered that working with Crowley would only bring him grief. That he should have knifed the Son of a Bitch in that bar before he’d even met Cain. But Dean continued to listen to Crowley and look where he is now?

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Crowley is a plot device to move the story along, without secondary characters our heroes would certainly be boring. I think using Crowley as the lynch pin the writers could have perhaps made it less obvious that he was trailing Dean for his destiny, his new project pet whatever we wish to call it. Did Crowley perhaps think he was too old for the job, and needed a younger, fitter model to do his bidding? He certainly had it all planned out one would like to believe….. If Crowley is innocent and he was telling us the truth in the finale that it was fundamental. Then I will roll around the floor screaming and cursing. I don’t believe for one minute that Crowley is as pure as the driven snow. Dean certainly had an incline of what Crowley had been up to.

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I think there were some strong elements this season. But I found it sad that so many characters had fallen by the way side. Kevin, Abaddon, Gadreel, Tessa, Garth even though technically he’s a werewolf and of course not forgetting Charlie who also isn’t technically dead. But were all these deaths really necessary. I felt bad for Kevin, Gadreel and Tessa who I fear didn’t deserve the fate they received. It was like the writers think what do we do with these characters this season. Are we all in agreement that we’ve come to a dead end, shall we kill them off. Without any real rhyme or reason a life is no longer useful that the story telling no longer requires them, or to even come back in the future they are just slaughtered.

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What has Sam’s part been in all this story telling? That since he found out about the possession has Sam been an ass for treating Dean the way he has and regretted it later? Has he been so badly hurt that he felt it were warranted that he be so miserable to his brother that he cut ties with him only to remain as his co-worker. Had the pain of the possession been too much for him to really bear and cope with mentally? Was lashing out at Dean his only way of bringing some normallacey back into his life? In the finale he said he lied, and Dean appeared okay by this confession that he was relieved that they were at least back on track and on speaking terms and that their bond had merged again and were united as one, as corny as that phrase sounds. Did the possession really shake Sam up that much that he couldn’t really open up to his brother, that he felt badly betrayed that Dean had gone against his wishes that he needed time to process the extend of what had gone down, that he was alive and kicking because a creature had possessed him from the inside and that Dean had tricked him into agreeing with the ordeal. Had the brothers come to some place in their minds that they were both okay with the past that had really shaken them both up. Could they see a way through this mist and be what they once were, or is it a little too late? Has the bond suffered through these supernatural deals that it’s burnt its bridges and it can’t be un-done, even if Dean does come back human, where does this leave Sam. If Sam tries the spell to cure a demon, will he die? Crowley is already half way there.

I also keep thinking about what Jeremy said about the three years connecting as a mini arc. I wonder what might be in store for season 10. Season 8 we saw a different Sam, hot-headed and angry about Benny and still craving for that normal life. Sam also ends up with trial tuberculosis and going through a suicidal phase that he’d let his brother down. Sam ends up in hospital where we see Dean contacting the angels in a bid to cure his dying brother, of the trial sickness. Gadreel then takes over Sam and ends up ejecting from Sam mid season by Crowley. I did put up a thread today, and some think the tablets could be a connection to all three seasons. Some also think that the tablet that was broken might have been fake.

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Did the writers tie up all those loose ends? That so many appear to talk of. Are they right in assuming that loose ends needed to be tied up? The one area I did find annoying that they didn’t overly talk about and clear up was getting the angels back into heaven. It was like they took a whole season to finally bring it to our attention and just use Metatron’s backdrop to pump out the story line. Some still say it was rushed, that it’s still one last struggle to fit everything in and that it appears to be a regular fault with the fans. I think the ending was climatic even though we sussed out earlier on where it might end up. For once we were not far wrong.

Two areas’s also bugged me and that was Abaddon’s death and Cas’s human story. Both displeased me. Many felt that Abaddon’s death lacked lustre and that it didn’t hit any emotional content. They knew it was coming and felt so flat and a bit forced. Cas’s human story infuriated me as I didn’t want to see Cas having sex; to me he lost his mystique and charm. Kevin’s death also saddened me and hoped he may make a return. Also I thought Magnus was executed well before his time, just to appear in one episode. I thought he could have been a real threat to Dean, and Crowley could have honed in on his skills and used his power to his discretion. I was also angry over the death of reaper Tessa.

Click to view full size image

So how did you all feel about season 9? As ever I would love to know your deepest lurking thoughts, as to what season 9 was really all about,  have you worked out if there is a connection to the three seasons, and if we have a mini arc looming. Is it something big as seasons 1-5 were with the boys being vessels to Michael and Lucifer?


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Dean’s Demon ranking?

This has been quite an amazing turn around for Dean, and on the board we have talked about what Rank of demon Dean will be. I felt it was a bit of a cop out showing us Dean’s black eyes. Considering he is a Knight of Hell as we predicted, why are his eyes not foreshadowing this higher ranking colour? So with this information below, how do you see Dean’s eye colour. Considering he is a Knight of Hell, as Cain was. I presumed he would have red eyes wondered if you agreed?

Click to view full size image

Seeing Dean’s eyes black, makes me very nervous. Is he more powerful than we think?

The Hierarchy of Demons (according to SPN-WIKI)

  • White-eyed demons – The demon chiefs of staff.
  • Yellow-eyed demons – Some of the first  handpicked by  to become demons. – The demon army generals.
  • Knights of Hell  – Some of the first souls handpicked by Lucifer to become demons.
  • This doesn’t give us any indication as to demon’s true eye colour, but then later below I find that SPN-WIKI have found The Knights of hell to have Black eyes. 
  • Red-eyed demons – The demon deal-makers.
  • Black-eyed demons – The soldiers, thugs, henchmen, minions.
  • How can two sets of ranking demons both have Black eyes?


Click to view full size image

According to this shot, she has black-eyes?

The Knights of Hell are black-eyed demons who were amongst the first fallen humans, handpicked by Lucifer.  They were rumored to have all been killed by the archangels. They all have the powers of other lower-ranking demons, but at least one has shown abilities and powers far beyond that of any other demon seen so far.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Can kill demons with a touch.
  • Telekinesis
  • Can render someone mute.
  • Ability to transport other beings.
  • Can nullify demonic powers.
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What will it mean for Dean to loose his humanity?

On this show Death has happened to our heroes a few times now, and we’ve come to expect that our main heroes at some point come back to life. Its a done deal! In the past Sam has come back to life, and Azazel threatened Dean did your brother come back 100% Sam. Had death some how changed his personality and that Sam wasn’t the same person who was resurrected back in season 2. This season has reflected seasons 2 and 4 in almost perfect symmetry having seen Sam die and the coin once again flipped on its head, and it was Dean’s turn to take that fatal blow. We sensed that Dean was the victim and he sadly took death like the hero he is gallant until his last dying breath, I’m proud of us really struck home. It made me think about humanity a lot this season and last. And I begin to think there is a strong connection.

Click to view full size image

But I think Dean is almost the opposite to Crowley. Crowley almost became human because of the trials and has human traits about him now. Dean has lost those human traits and has become like Crowley was, demonic. When we think about our own humanity, deeply. What do we think we would have lost if we were in Dean’s shoes. Crowley isn’t totally human now and his demonic powers haven’t diminished what so ever. So will Dean still have his Deanisum’s.  What will he miss, but just as important, what will he have gained? Dean virtually took his own life as he didn’t want to be this monster he was turning into. So death was his way out. He was loosing his self respect, his well being and his free will! Certain mannerisms made Dean, Dean. We all have our own feelings as to how we see Dean Winchester. So coming back from the dead how will it change him. What will now empower him to take on the world like this horrible killing machine he’s become. Life as Dean knows it for now, is empty, hollow and grim. Will he recognize himself? Will he acknowledge the fact that he is different and mirror what Sam used to be?

Click to view full size image

If Dean does come back from this, will it have affected him? Will he remember his time as a Demon, like he remembered his time in hell? Will those demonic forces have wrecked his insides that there might be some reminisce inside him that he won’t ever be the original Dean he once was. I did wonder how twisted Dean’s soul will be that demons enter a body, this time for Dean it was different the blade had performed the transformation. I still have a few niggling doubts as to how Dean did fully become a demon through the blade when it does take years to twist a soul in hell. What is Dean actually now in demon ranks, how high up is he, and how far down the road is he?

Click to view full size image

So how do you feel about Dean loosing his humanity? Will it change him for ever that he will be so corrupted we won’t no him at all. That the last trace of Dean will be gone forever! Loosing part of his character that made him human will be a transformation not all are looking forward to seeing, that a supernatural Dean who has been influenced by great power will rule Dean. Can Dean break through and regain his own humanity back, or is that way off the scale now? Is Sam Dean’s only hope of gaining back his humanity. Is this darkness for life, that the blade has taken every last ounce of Dean who will never see the light again. It is powerful stuff that has taken the stuffing out of us, but there is always that glimmer of hope that goodness will overcome that darkness within him and all will be hunky dory again. How do you think Dean will cope. And adapted to his new found powers?


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