Sam’s words to Dean in Sacrifice?

DEAN: Easy there. Okay. Just take it easy. We got a slight change of plan.

SAM: What? What’s going on? Where’s Cas?!

DEAN: Metatron lied. You finish this trial, you’re dead, Sam.

SAM: So?

SAM: Look at him. Look at him! Look how close we are! Other people will die if I don’t finish this!

DEAN: Think about it. Think about what we know, huh? Pulling souls from hell, curing demons, hell, ganking a Hell-hound! We have enough knowledge on our side to turn the tide here. But I can’t do it without you.

SAM: You can barely do it with me. I mean, you think I screw up everything I try. You think I need a chaperon, remember?

DEAN: Come on, man. That’s not what I meant.

SAM: No, it’s exactly what you meant. You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. I can’t do that again.

DEAN: Sam –

SAM: What happens when you’ve decided I can’t be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another — another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just –

DEAN: Hold on, hold on! You seriously think that? Because none of it — none of it — is true. Listen, man, I know we’ve had our disagreements, okay? Hell, I know I’ve said some junk that set you back on your heels. But, Sammy…come on. I killed Benny to save you. I’m willing to let this bastard and all the sons of bitches that killed mom walk because of you. Don’t you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you! It has never been like that, ever! I need you to see that. I’m begging you.


I would like to know what you think of these words from Sacrifice. Ever since that has aired I have found to my horror that most think Sam threw this back at Dean. I still can’t get my head around why this is. Is it more than Sam just didn’t want to let Dean down again, and as many say that Sam was jealous. I thought Sam really struggled with this and moved me knowing how he had always strives to live up to his brothers expectations of him. He idolizes Dean and still find it hard to believe that Sam was being horrible to Dean in any way. I still cannot believe how divided the fandom have been over this small piece of text, and how twisted and disorientated over time it has become. So what do you all really think of these words from Sam. Was it bad writing, direction, delivery or a combination? I was so proud of that scene that its got tangled in the wash and still haunts me that something horrible may have came out of it. That it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Are others reading too much into it?

Would love to know your thoughts …….

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Sam and Crowley just an observation?

Sam was born human and the rest of the story we know that when he was six months old Azazel came and bled his blood into Sam’s mouth. We also know that Crowley was once human turned demon and now has human blood within him again. So Sam was human addicted to demon blood, and Crowley became a demon and is now addicted to human blood. I think something wired is going on here. Something very parallel and Sam also injected some of his own blood back into Crowley.

Click to view full size image

Both are/were junkies, addicted to the highs of their addictions. Why is season 9 mirroring this? Is there a reason why this type of story line is re-surfacing again? Any thoughts …… Is it this obvious that Crowley really needs to be high on human blood? In what relation does this purpose really serve? Other than mimic Sam’s blood addiction story? Or could there may be down the line a connection between these two stories. About how either of them struggled with the addiction and how it manifested and clung onto them for dear life. I found Crowley’s junkie story line wired if I’m honest. What real purpose did it serve Crowley in the long run. Just to prove a point to us that he has human feelings, that he was once human and remembers what it felt like? Can he have the best of both worlds, and be that human he once was blended with a spice of hell to remember who he really is.

Crowley Inject Himself

I don’t know if Crowley’s addiction was as serve as Sam’s. How it tormented Sam and took over his sanity and spreed like wild fire. Is there any real resemblance in these two addictions or am I reading too much into it? Blood has been behind both of these addictions but for different effects on the individual so what path do you think Crowley will take, how far will the blood sensation take him? I originally thought him injecting the human blood was to help him escape the bunker dungeon, but that theory was wrong. Was injecting the blood just pure entertainment for Crowley, or is there something more sinister going down?

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Could Cain be something else?

I found something interesting on IMDb which sparked my imagination and wanted to share with you guys.

Cain appears very different and the thread thought could Cain be a Dark Angel? Could he be in a class all by himself, immortal?

Could it be possible about Cain being a Dark Angel. It actually could be highly possible and all the demons just for some reason can’t really tell maybe cause the true form is a bit similar when looking at it. Also I read on the Supernatural wiki citing the Essential Supernatural Alistair was possibly the first Demon ever created. So Lucifer created a Dark Angel but since the person did it out of love it for whatever reason didn’t piss God off enough as turning Lilith into a Demon and that’s what got Lucy locked up in that fiery pit. So there could be a season on Dark Angels…..(there’s a pun somewhere in this) and explore their nature and maybe even angel-demon hybrids and hybrids of other beings.

Some are thinking that Cain could be like Sam Hain,  (only with his own body) a very special type of demon, he’s probably meant to be Lucifer’s champion, just as Alistair was Lucifer’s torturer, Azazel was Lucifer’s General, Sam Hain was probably something like Lucifer’s beast master and Lilith was Lucifer’s jail breaker.

Could this be leading to Dean becoming a Dark Angel? One of a kind, a unique specimen, who could live for ever? Is this the burden that Cain was pushing on Dean that he was warning Dean about? Cain was most pushy and insistent that Dean was made aware of those bitter consequences that there were repercussions down the line.

Any thoughts on this un-heard of breed of Dark Angel, has anything been mentioned in the past about this mysterious creature maybe lurking in our midst wanting to break free and into our mythology. Is it something we want Dean to become. If Dean’s path was meant to be angelic all along would this surprise any of us considering he’s Michael’s true vessel? Sam this season has also had connections with an angel could this be perfect symmetry? I find I still can’t get what Cain said out of my head, and that he wouldn’t have said this lightly, without a care in the world. He meant what he said, and Dean took it hook, line and sinker. So what else do you think Cain meant. Who is Cain really? Could he too be lying like Gadreel did? He shows a thick skin that can’t easily be broken but so easily gave his curse away with a literal warning. But what key does that warning really hold.




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The fear of being ALONE?

Sam: I was ready to die, I was ready. I should have died. But you, you didn’t want to be alone. That’s what this boils down to you can’t stand the thought of being alone. I’ll give you this much, you are certainly willing to do the sacrifice, as long as you’re not the one being hurt.

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A thought struck me about this text about this magic word of being ALONE. I think one of the things I’ve always learnt is I don’t think anyone really wants to be truly alone.  I think deep down we are all guilty of this feeling, even our Sammy! As the years go by one by one our family decreases in size to the last two standing. Of course not in every circumstance, but in this relationship when we get down to the raw knuckles of the thing all they are left with is each other. Dean’s fear of being without his brother scares him to death, but why? Is this also Sam’ fear not just Dean’s.  Is Sam right in throwing it out there at Dean. Is his assumption right in tackling what he fears might be the truth of the argument, or was there something else troubling Sam? Over the years we have witnessed both brothers fully alone, for quite long spells of time. The obvious hits us the audience like a ton of bricks that neither can cope in the real world, I should say their real world. Your right in thinking they both go to pieces, literally.


Both boys are in protection mode without really thinking of any consequences that may loom. They automatically go into white charger mode and think SAVE. It’s become a natural feeling that they charge in their all guns blazing. So have the writers tricked us into believing that now they wouldn’t save the other. Or is this the major twist coming up that yes in fact they would. Had those words from Sam been planted for a reason, to set up the not too distant finale? Saving people is in the remit of the shows direction, and we know it’s a contributing factor within its history. But will this be the big gesture that gets Sam back to normal, that shows us his old caring side once again? We know Sam can be a dick, but why this time when he knows that Dean would to the right thing and save him. Sam knows in his heart that this is what Dean would inevitably do. So why did he really begin to doubt it and question it. We know the deals were really behind those words when we tried earlier to salvage something from this current mess. But is this really all it is. We know that Sam also hates being without Dean and in the cold light of day refuses to live well without his brother. Like he feels guilty of carrying on his life without Dean with him. So what were the writers really trying to get at? That Sam really does want to be alone without his brother? Or the complete reverse, or something else entirely?

Click to view full size image

Is Sam better at living alone completely than we were always lead to believe? Running off to Stanford forced him to grow up. Where as Dean lived day in day out within the parameters of the Family Business. Sam was used to being without Dean for a certain time; it wasn’t until he got back together with him on a regular basis that those feelings began to change. Could it be that Sam now can’t find it easy to be without Dean, and it‘s him who struggles to cope without his brother. Has the tide changed? Is Sam trying to say we save each other Dean, but this has got to change. Neither of us can live without the other the thought of being alone completely and that scares the crap out of me, and I need you to be safe near me without going off and doing those crazy out there deals that nearly gets you killed. One scene in the past Sam tells Dean just don’t die. Dean replies I’ll do my best.  We get that these two brothers get highly strung, and get into the grove with the rigs of daily life, but the true fact is, they both fear the word ALONE, not just DEAN. They both have trouble admitting the word and can’t bear to contemplate life on their own. Would life be over for them if one wasn’t ever around? Sam in season 4 with Ruby wanted to go into a suicide mission and she saved him, just so he could be with Dean again. He was willing to take out his own life as he couldn’t bear the thought of the loneliness without Dean.  So I am finding hard to think that Sam really meant those words, and they weren’t from his heart. What is JC trying to tell us here, any thoughts …..

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Difference between dark and bad?

An interesting topic came up regarding Dean’s personality how the mark will affect his human traits. How far will it go in changing what Dean really is? Will his humanity be compromised at all? We’ve seen what evil Sam has endured over the seasons, and how dark he became. So I was just wondering how far Dean’s humanity will really change?

Click to view full size image

Dean doesn’t want to kill innocent people and is adamant that he won’t let him self go that far. But when it comes to it Dean goals have always been good. Protecting people and saving lives on a massive scale. So this time is very different that with a supernatural influence we know darkness looms and is eating away at Dean as we speak. Bit by bit that mark is taking hold and shaping him into that ultimate killing machine. So how at the end of the day does Dean work through this mind field and think why am I here? why am I doing this and allowing this crap to happen to me? So will killing Abaddon really change Dean and push him in a whole different direction. How can he fight this. Look how demon blood pushed Sam into a dark corner that he had a job to break free from that darkness, into the light again. What it took Dean to get Sam back to full strength. All the struggles he went to, to see that Sam was Safe from the supernatural.

So how different will Dean be to Sam’s earlier plight. How will Dean struggle mentally. How will the mark influence him and brainwash him to the point he can’t break free from it on his own. Dean is the one on the show who remains the HUMAN one. The one with the moral compass to keep everyone else in line. So when this begins to fail, and his leadership takes a turn for the worse what state will the team be in? If Dean’s humanity is compromised where does this leave Dean’s persona? Eventually his personality will rub off, and he will find it harder and harder to push himself away from this curse. Addictions are hard to break, so how different will this one be. Dean has left himself open to all sorts of temptations. Just as Sam did on demon blood. How will the mark really affect his humanity, will it change him completely for ever? Dean saves lives, he doesn’t unless under duress take them away. So this curse will be hard to shake off, but the human taint may after still remain. What damage will the mark do to Dean’s humanity. We know when Sam died in season 2 that Azazel teased Dean that did Sam come back 100% Sam. So we have these dilemma’s to face again. So how bad will it get for Dean long term, and how dark will it get for Dean long term? Will the story line allow Dean to go on a killing spree and be just like a member from the A-Team! Bad can get so BAD that Dean will have his humanity tampered with, but will that taint be with him for ever. Just like when he struggled to cope with hell. The signs are there clearly that Dean is crumbling under the surface, but what is around the corner that might change him into a mad man who can’t be controlled.

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Dean is the human one, the hero who knows his goals, and is fearless and driven. But without his humanity has the Dean we know begun to drift away from us, that we don’t know him any more? That he’s lost to the supernatural curse that has clearly taken him for a ride just for a means to an end, but will it be the end for him if he continues down this road? When will he slam on those breaks and quit the mark of Cain and regain his humanity. When does the darkness stop and tread into the light and be back to full strength. In Blade Runners Dean killed Magnus and stopped, but who’s to say that charm won’t persist and continue on this path of destruction for the foreseeable.  seeing a huge shift in his character is scary, but has it passed the point where he can’t come back and this is the end of the line. Will Dean end up being bad and we will notice that shift in his character. How far do you think it will go can the show allow Dean to be dark full-time and loose that humanity trait for ever?


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Is it all about the souls AGAIN!

Sam had flashbacks if you recall in this episode and he found evidence of souls being used on a mass scale. It was interesting to see a call back to the past and is this for a reason? Are the writers re-visiting old plots again to re-design them into something else entirely for Season 9?

Click to view full size image

What was going through Sam’s mind when he released that soul?

Death said to Dean before he went back into retrieved Sam’s soul he  firmly emphasized to Dean that it was all about ‘The SOULS’. Souls are untapped energy steeped in power at their disposal.  This week the show re-visits this story line in a new twist. But what could this twist actually be. Sam released the souls into the atmosphere so they could be returned to their rightful owners. So what is Abaddon really up to under the surface? And could Abaddon and Crowley be working together as Cas and Crowley did during season 6. Cas wanted the souls for his own ego to defeat Raphael and be king of Heaven. Crowley isn’t befriending Dean out of the kindness of his soft nature, almost humanish heart. So if souls are the theme for this season, how does this tie up Abaddon, Crowley Cain and Dean’s involvement? Dean isn’t stupid, he’s aware something is bubbling under his radar but doesn’t know the full extent of Crowley’s wroth, so what is our King really up to with Dean?

Click to view full size image

So what is our King really up to with Dean?


Is the blade and killing Abbadon a smoke screen? As we’ve seen demon armies before on this show with Azazel and using Sam to do his bidding. So if the souls are the focus of this season into season 10 again, what are they ciphering that energy for? Is it more than just creating a demon Army. But why is Abaddon wanting to create that army. Are demons trying to take over Earth and rid it of humans for their own inhabitation? We saw also in season 7 that the Leviathan boss Dick wanted to use all humanity for his own power hungry games and push us humans out for his bigger picture? So what is really going on under the surface? We no this show likes to look back into its history, but how are these loose ends really all tying together?

Why is Abaddon wanting to create that army.

So Bella would love to know how much you know about human souls, and why Abaddon is trying to multiply her asset and tap into human life, for what real gain? Is she working with Crowley, not trying to bring him down? If she is working with him as Cas clearly did in season 6, why would working with Crowley be of real benefit to her? Is she wiser than him, more in tune with her own crowd than Crowley ever was? But my biggest question has to be Dean’s use in all this saga, why has he been bought into this shady mix. He is the tool after all to defeat Abaddon. So is Crowley keeping Dean at arms length and keeping him as back up in case it all goes wrong with Abaddon. Or is Dean going to be part of their army in leading their powered up demons. But why?

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Dean, the mark and …..

First this story line gripped me, now its kicking in, my thoughts are heading towards the finale and how this story line penultimately builds and where it leads our hero. Dean has been bestowed this magical gift which he has at his disposal. He first used the blade and wasn’t use to its power and soon dropped it. He found it hard to scummed to its presence. Magnus intervened  and Dean appeared in more control. He appeared more focused and in touch with the blade than when he first introduced himself to it.

Click to view full size image

Sam appears to be the one person who is able to break Dean from his trance. I think Dean will need this comforting voice to break him free from his chains entirely. But where will this end up? I keep thinking about Abaddon and Cain, that these are both Knights of hell, and if Dean does kill them both, where does this leave him? Some of us are already thinking this that he could end up Crowley’s henchman, but would Sam honestly let it get this far? Would he let his brother end up in hell without a care in the world for Dean. I can’t or don’t want to see this. So are Sam’s cruel words heading some where, that he didn’t really, really mean them and was as we thought lashing out at Dean. Or are they weaving them into the story to actually mean something, that Sam doesn’t give a damn about where Dean ends up.

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Dean already looked as though he was hinting at wanting to turn the blade on his brother, for the harsh words he’d said about their relationship. Which was what I’d thought that those feelings are penetrating deep into Dean isolating him from Sam and keeping the boys at a distance from each other for a firm reason. Those words trigger Dean into using the blade at some point fueling his need to kill the person with the blade like its automatic. He sees Sam as depressing thoughts which have hurt him personally. Which catapult Dean further down this spiral into a freaky killing machine. If Sam had said kinder words would this have fed Dean I doubt this very much. So its also strange that Sam’s voice appears to lift him out of this trance.

Click to view full size image

So where does this eventually leave Dean down the line? I have several thoughts running loose in my head like a bouncing ball. We are mainly all on the same page that Dean will spiral out of control and be in a position that he himself won’t be able to break free from it. The power of the blade will completely take over him hook, line and sinker. He will be lost, and alone in such a dark, bleak, place, that I can’t begin to comprehend what it will be like for him. Sam on demon blood was bad enough, I don’t think we’ve seen anything like what this blade could do with Dean when it fully over powers him. I think firstly Sam may break him loose from the blade, and get rid of the mark. But how possible this is in fiction I don’t no. I would like to see Sam be the one who removes Dean from the mark completely. I also think that Dean could end up killing Sam with the blade itself. But what is the point in this if Sam died last season, its just bringing them back to square one, and Dean will end up doing a deal again to bring Sam back. I can’t seem them going there.

Click to view full size image

Which brings me onto my final point I think the blade will over power Dean so much that he can’t bring himself to kill Sam and will turn the blade on himself and that he will be the sacrifice this season. Remember Freaks and Geeks! It will mean one thing that Sam will end up eating his words and doing a deal yes to save Dean. He will bring his brother back from the dead. I think this is a superb thought as it will also bring the brothers full circle and it will go a great way into healing the brothers bond, that under the same circumstances they would do it for each other come what may, they would save each other under dire circumstances, as they can’t live without each other. I think this is a perfect ending to the season or even into the premier after the summer. I also feel strongly it will help repair Sam’s bond with the fans. Which in my mind is long over due since season 4, when this season is of course over shadowing season 4. I want to see the old Sam make a come back. Season 3 Sam who would prevent his brother from going to hell. Who would do anything to stop it from happening. I no its in Sam, in a far forgotten place in his physic. I’ve never given up hope in Sam that he does care so deeply for Dean the writers just need to show us again.

So as ever Bella is jumping up and down wondering what you are thinking about her thoughts if this could work. Or its an utter waste of time. I think it will be a climatic end which would keep the audience in suspense. I also think it would help the bi-bro fans and Sam fans in restoring faith that they think the brothers relationship is sinking into the obis for ever and a day never to be seen again. I think the boys need this to revive their current angst and see it put to rest. Wounds are deep, and it feels a perfect way to restore the tragic words that have penetrated us all for weeks.




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What will happen to the mark?

Since I’ve been thinking about the Mark of Cain, I began thinking about the mark’s overall ending. How it will be removed from Dean, or will Dean have it on him permanently for ever and a day. I put a thread up asking this very question once he manages to kill Abaddon? What will happen to the mark once he’s killed her? Will Dean go back to being Dean and the mark vanishes, or will it make him much darker? Will he take on her persona?

So are we any further forward now that we are understanding the power of the Mark of Cain and how Dean is currently reacting to his shiny new toy and best friend for ever!! The mark is obviously a very powerful tool which only he can operate and use when he feels the need to use it. Wheeling it we now no comes with supernatural problems. How long will it take Dean to realize that once Abaddon is finally dead, what precautions will he take to get rid of the damned thing? He must no by now that it feels like a nose around his neck? Or is the mark so controlling that he is obliviously unaware that its causing him so many problems around him.

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Of course my obvious question remains where will it all end? Is Sam’s life in danger of the blade, will Dean go the whole hog and kill his brother just like Cain did. Or are we thinking other less obvious routes the show could go? How the hell is Sam going to save Dean with all this power in his way? Have we seen something so powerful as the mark of Cain before? Sam’s demon blood era was tough on Dean, but is this going to hot up to be something like The Incredible Hulk!! Dean is already addicted to killing and feels comfortable with this emotion with out any real affect on his own humanity, let alone Sam’s right now. Is Dean changing that we don’t no what side affects will occur after. Just like Sam had with Gadreel. Will Dean learn anything from this event once is all over? Will he notice how blind he was in taking on the curse that manifested itself into what we currently see? Dean appears to get himself into these scrapes, but is it so easy to get out of them? 

Click to view full size image

Power is an evil source and very corrupt. The more menacing traits this tool takes on,  what power force will we encounter? What happens to Dean the more lives his kills, and continues to kill under the influence? He already witnessed Kevin’s death so this amount of life lost will drain on his emotions even more. Actions as we no have consequences, and the evil forces that are at bay now will get its comeuppance. But does it always end the way we want it to? Will our hero suffer long lasting damage from the mark? Will it eat away at him for a time to come. Can Dean ever be free of this burden once his killing spree is over? Have you any thoughts as to how the mark will go away, and leave Dean in peace?

Of course you are aware I have not seen the episode yet, so feel free to send me you views on how the episode went. I have heard very good vibes eight and above out of 10 for this one. How do you feel it went. What did you find were positives and negatives on first or multiple viewings?


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Is Sam a dick since he’s become human?

I have read this thought around quite a bit lately, and wondered if my fellow bloggers noticed or felt that Sam has changed personality wise? Is this the real Sam now without any supernatural influences? Can Sam be so cold, and callous without any real feeling towards Dean that he almost wants to really hurt his brother to the point where he doesn’t no he’s doing it? Sam has wanted to die, and wanted to not even exist as he can’t find anything on earth worth living for. Is he so cold, that he can barely look at Dean and engage in a polite conversation, and longer. Are these brothers so estranged that they want to lead separate lives, is this what its come to?

Click to view full size image

I have asked this question before about the demon blood whether that had any control over Sam’s emotions and well being to the point that it altered him as a human being. Some have said that Ruby’s blood in particular had tainted him even after Dean detox him. Now we are looking at the opposite side of the spectrum and notice a complete u-turn in his conversation how blunt he is, and how direct he has become. Okay we have something supernatural at work within Dean. But this certainly cannot be acting on Sam’s behavior too, can it? Sam during the trials was being purified. But what really did happen to Sam during this process, as its made me think a lot… Can some one on demon blood change? Can those trials really mold Sam into someone else entirely?  We also notice that Crowley a demon now becoming human, is also going off the wagon. Is there something in the air? Dean is now human possibly going dark and even turning into a demon? The cards are changing among our characters and there are physical and emotional changes afoot.

Click to view full size image

Have you noticed any irregularities within our characters to a point where you begin to wonder about their subtle changes. What is this Mark of Cain really all about, and what did those trials really do to Sam? What have we unearthed about our boys that are any different? Can we sense is this the real Sam, that he is a dick and this is what we’ve ended up with? Can this Sam be any more cruel and emotionless to his own flesh and blood? What are the writers trying to put across here, that one brother is dark than the other that we have got to the point where we don’t really recognize Sam any longer? Or is this just a spit in the bucket and you think he’s hunky dory that you haven’t noticed a thread of difference within Sam of late? Watching season 8 even Sam was lovey dovey with Amelia than his own brother. So is there anything going on?

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Heading towards the finale.

Here’s my list – What else do you think might happen? 

Dean going dark = tick
Sam saving Dean = tick
Cas saving Dean = tick
Dean killing Abaddon without doubt = tick
Dean killing Crowley = tick
Crowley surviving = tick
Metatron dying = tick
Sam and Dean killing Gadreel together = tick
Kevin going to heaven = tick
Angels back in heaven = tick
Sam and Dean making up = tick
Brotherly hug = tick (I hope so)

Cas getting his grace back = tick



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