Supernatural: Plush

Geeking Out about It

Ooh! Tonight’s episode stars one of my favorite characters, Sheriff Donna Hanscum. Seriously, I didn’t realize how much I’d like this character. (Of course that means something will eat her next season, because we rarely get more than two seasons, with female characters  we really like.)

At any rate this episode looks to be a funny one, with some insight into Sam’s visions, maybe:

Yeah, okay, this episode was not funny at all, outside of a couple of truly awful jokes from Sam and Dean. In fact, the episode was kinda terrifying and reminded me too much of Donnie Darko, a movie which scared the bejeebus out of me and I don’t scare easy. In fact, like Anya from Buffy, I kind of have a thing about bunnies, especially man-sized ones. hell, I hated Harvey.

Stan’s wife castigates him for not taking out the trash and he decides to badmouth…

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2 thoughts on “Supernatural: Plush

  1. You hate the pula Harvey! I love Harvey and Jimmy Steward nails it.

    This dark comedy scared me. Rather like staring into the relgious makes of Druid Enhland and knowing they needed victims to burn in their huge wicket cages Where the victims were buried alive.

    The worst for me was Sam on the elevator with the Killer Clown and his scaphel dripping blood. Phobia freezing Sam who took Lucifer to the Pit, who rid Dean of the Mark, was scared and it was horrible to just watch.

    Sam seeing the Cage of Lucifer, fingers poking though gapes, is horrific. Imagine a decade after WWII and a Jew with numbers tatooed on his arm looking up and seeing the smoke of Auchwitz coming up. For years any film showing a Nazi flag had to use a black and white swastika lest some victim look up and flip out.

    Had me ready to start walking the floor in concern for Sammy.

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    1. Yeah, the show definitely had some tense moments for me. I didn’t like Sam being scared in the elevator like that. It had to be very traumatic for him, especially after being attacked by clowns in Plucky Pennywhistle. He could’ve been frozen in fear because he did see that knife, too.
      And yeah, he must be scared if he’s having visions about the cage and Lucifer.


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