Supernatural Season 10.01 ‘Black’

This clip got me thinking and trying to read between the lines and what Crowley was stipulating to Moose.

[A phone rings next to CROWLEY as he watches DEAN playing darts in the bar. He looks at the ID and then picks it up]

CROWLEY: You’re dead.

SAM: Nope. Just using a dead man’s phone.

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CROWLEY: Moose. Took you long enough. Your brother and I were beginning to wonder if you’d hit another dog. You know?

SAM: My brother is dead, Crowley. I know you have some freaking demon parading around in his meatsuit, and trust me, you are gonna pay for that.

CROWLEY: Moose. Moose. I’m afraid you haven’t allowed yourself to dream quite big enough here. Your brother is very much alive, courtesy of the mark. And the only demonized soul inside of Dean is his and his alone. Wee bit more twisted, a little more mangled beyond human recognition, but, I can assure you, all his. There, now. Feel better?

SAM: And the, uh, Abaddon supporters you’ve been sending to kill my brother, how does Dean feel about that double-cross?

CROWLEY: If that’s what you think is happening, then you’re more out of your depths than I thought.

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SAM: I don’t know how you did this, what kind of… Black-magic stunt you pulled, but hear me –I will save my brother or die trying.

CROWLEY: You know what tickles me about all this? It’s what’s really eating you up. You don’t care that he’s a demon. Heck, you’ve been a demon. We’ve all been demons. No, it’s that he’s with me and he’s having the time of his life. You can’t stand the fact that he’s mine.

SAM: He’s not your pet.

CROWLEY: My pet? He’s my best friend, my partner in crime. They’ll write songs about us, graphic novels. “The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel.” Dean Winchester completes me, and that’s what makes you lose your chickens.

SAM: I am going to find you, I am going to save my brother, and then I’m going to kill you dead.

CROWLEY: Well, that’s the operative phrase, isn’t it? “Find you.” good luck with that.

[CROWLEY hangs up the phone and SAM looks at his. SAM then lays the phone next to his own on the hood of the car. SAM’s phone has traced the call and it reveals they are at The Black Spur in North Dakota]

It wasn’t until Sam said ‘He’s not your pet’. I thought of Cain and his words rang in my head. It was what Cain feared all along would happen to his own brother. This was why Cain killed Abel so he wasn’t a pet to Lucifer. That this is perfect symmetry.

  1. How did Sam know Crowley was double crossing Dean and feeding him demons to feed the mark?
  2. If Crowley wants Dean as his best friend, is this the best he can do?
  3. Why Dean, why was Dean SO important to Crowley that he wanted Dean on his side so badly? To fit what purpose exactly?
  4. If the writers were plotting this against the real Cain and Abel story so far back, where is this going to lead?
  5. Why did Cain say its Dean’s destiny to kill his brother?
  6. For what reason does Dean end up killing Sam? If of course this is where the series is going?

4 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 10.01 ‘Black’

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  1. Here’s my theory. I don’t think Crowley actually wants Dean as his best friend. I think this is fallout from when Sam gave crowley his blood.

    Crowley wants to be Sam’s bestie but Sam ain’t having it, not after he got so badly burned by Ruby. He has learned his lesson about being with demons.

    What I found especially telling was when Crowley taunted Sam about Dean being his best friend and claimed Sam was jealous. It’s the kind of thing you say to a person when you either want what they have (the closeness and friendship of the brother’s relationship) or you want to be them, in order to have what they have, and Crowley wants to have or be Sam.

    When they were in the bunker together looking for the First Blade in Bladerunners, a Crowley was giving Sam this look. I interpreted it as a look of fondness and longing. Sam’s blood has made Crowley very in touch with his human side that shows in some unexpected/expected ways.

    So maybe Crowley can’t have Sam, but he can be Sam and take his place in his Dean’s life.


    1. Interesting idea! I have to think on that.I felt that he loved Dean in his way because of Sams blood-but not that he wanted to be Sam. Hmmmm


      1. Oh, I like that idea too. Because he has Sam’s blood he may be experiencing Sam’s feelings for Dean. In fact, that may explain why he feels the way he feels about Dean. There’s a certain amount of fondness for Squirrel, too.
        He’s always respected them to some degree. Especially respectful of their talents for destruction of their enemies. He never became so comfortable around them that he’d forget that either. (He still doesn’t, no matter how much he likes them.)


    2. I have been wondering about how Crowley looks at Sam and his comments on the phone to try and make Sam feel jealous about Dean being with him. I could see Crowley being more attracted to Sam because of Sam’s demon blood and Sam being Lucifers vessel. So, add the fact that Sam injected his blood into Crowley and your idea does make sense. It will be exciting to see how this all plays out!


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