Supernatural Season 12: Rock Never Dies

I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been less enthused about these first episodes of the season. Its not that they’re bad episodes. Actually, they’re alright, but not great, and I’ve been enjoying them. Its just that, since the first couple of episodes ,these all feel like filler and I’m getting tired of filler.

It feels like the writers are still cleaning up the detritus of the last season, rather than moving into the new storylines they introduced, in episodes one and two.They introduced some really interesting ideas in the British Men of Letters and we haven’t explored the topic since then and I’m getting impatient. I love the Castiel/Crowley Teamup, but I’m getting tired of the Lucifer storyline, although the writers have taken great pains to make him as threatening and sinister as he used to be.

I was especially put off at Lucifer’s reasoning for all the mayhem he’s been causing since he’s been running wild. He’s just bored, with Daddy Issues. Well, I’m not satisfied with that excuse.I feel kind of cheated really. The writers couldn’t come up with  better excuses than that.

Other then those two things, this was, like all the others, a pretty solid episode, with some good laughs, some great interactions, and some watchable action. Sam and Dean weren’t too dumb, although their little masquerade as Rockers was embarrassingly funny. The show delivered some biting commentary about the entertainment industry, and I always like snark.

Plus, it was definitely old-home, 80’s week as Kadeem Hardison from “A Different World” made his debut in the show, alongside Rick Springfield. I used to watch the Hell out of that show, and I really missed seeing him around, although it took me a moment to recognize him. He must be a real fan, if the showrunners could get him, and he’s a real treat for all us 80’s babies, who grew up watching Bill Cosby’s shows.

I wish his character hadn’t been killed off, but I think he forgot one of the basic rules of dealing with Demons. *You’re dealing with demons! He often seemed to forget that demons will have you around only so long as you’re useful to them and humans don’t get to call any of  the negotiations with them.

Once again the special effects were pretty cool, as we watched Lucifer rot out of his new host, but he’s also still on the lam, so I expect to see more of him, as the season progresses. They better do something interesting and unexpected with him or he’s not going to be worth watching. Maybe set him loose against the Men of Letters? Have him teamup with Mr. Ketch, or something? I’d love to see the British MoL out of their league, for once. They know how to handle garden variety Angels, demons, and terrestrial monsters, but how do they handle an ArchAngel?

Lucifer worshiping teens are pretty funny, but I kinda saw those deaths coming. That is exactly the death you deserve if you’re gonna summon demons, or Angels, for that matter.

I’m a little worried about Crowley though. He seems to have no fire left in him, he’s indifferent to collecting souls, and ruling Hell. Maybe his storyline is up and its time to retire this character. I’m gonna miss the heck out of him, but if his story has run its course, than the showrunners need to let him go, although I still think there’s more to be said about the Crowley/Castiel Hour of Power.

I have to admit I was a little worried that Lucifer was gonna sing, but that turned out not to be as embarrassing as I thought it would be, as he was obviously lip-synching. I just know Lucifer can’t carry a tune.

Things that were Hella Cute:

Dean playing Words with Friends with Mum.

The repartee, between Dean and Sam, about music.

Castiel believing that the Vince’s celebrity rider in his contract is some kind of  magical spell.

Sam and Dean working to pull the fire alarm.

I Didn’t Like:

Kadeem Hardison’s character being made to kill himself. I just didn’t like that the only Black man in the show was forced to  kill himself in such a horrible manner.

Any stories about celebrity culture always make me want to take a bath. Its such a sleazy culture, than any examination of it, makes me feel dirty.


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