Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Nine

I have complicated feelings about Season Nine. I think it's a strong season- but it isn't a favourite. The angelic beaurocracy felt to me like a drag after Season Eight, and Cas's arc began to get a little cutesy for my taste. But I think the massive argument between Sam and Dean is wonderfully done.... Continue Reading →


THE WINCHESTER BROTHER’S ROAD TRIP ~ Book Layout new material please read!

Book Layout revised Template! As promised I would get this up for those whom are involved with the making of this book and for those who have agreed to contribute to it. I have listed each sections below with a table of whom is doing what seasons. We EACH do the following on every episode review.... Continue Reading →

Supernatural In Review- Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

Check out my first review here. (Sorry, Bella, it wouldn't let me do a proper reblog.)


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Eight

Just realised that I haven't posted in almost a week, so I guess my Othello essay can go to hell for a couple more days. So, Season Eight. (I like this project. I'm rather sad that I'm nearly done. Oh, well, I'll do another one after Season Eleven.) To say that my feelings about this... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Seven

And whaddaya know- I'm back. Did you think I'd ditched you? Over the past few weeks I've been working pretty hard, hence the sudden dropoff in posts. However, I'll make sure I finish my Top Five series before Season Eleven gets here. (Also- that trailer. Wow.) So, without further ado: Season Seven. My least favourite,... Continue Reading →


On Supposed “Racialized Misogyny” In The s11 Trailer.

I just dipped into the hurt!Sam Tumblr community to check out my Hell trauma theory regarding the torture scenes in the trailer, and one of the first things I saw was a slowed-down gif of the bra-wearing Asian lady in the trailer. The gif was tagged 'racialized misogyny cw'. As you might expect, I have... Continue Reading →



Article for Book project on Supernatural


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Five

Season Five was nuts. It was a patchwork of meta, fury, dorkiness, vengeance, addiction, parodies and tragedy. And that shouldn't work, but it does. (And you better appreciate this. I cried just getting the Swan Song screencaps. That shit is potent.) 1. Swan Song The epic love story of Sam and Dean is encapsulated here.... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season One

I plan on doing a post like this for each season, depending on if you guys like this one. (Psych. It really doesn't depend on that. I'm doing this whether you like it or not.) 1. Pilot Not only was this the episode that first introduced us to the Winchesters, it's gorgeous. David Nutter filled... Continue Reading →



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