The Letter ‘I’

When Lucifer sternly said ' No I in TEAM Castiel remember that!'? Now Biblical names kept rolling around in my head that a huge number of angel names contain that letter 'I' Lucifer Castiel Ariel Zachariah Michael Gabriel Ezekiel Can you think of any others? My point is was their something significant in what Lucifer... Continue Reading →


Can the writers of Supernatural manage Sam’s depression properly? I found this article on Fan-sided their SPN Hunters page which often brings up some interesting topic's. Some fans think that the writers won't handle the topic well and just brush the surface with how Sam is really feeling. The show has covered Sam in a bad state and in a very bad place... Continue Reading →

Is Sam just using Jack?

Dean put two and two together as regards his own brother's motives towards the supposed evil spawn of Lucifer the Devil. Dean from the beginning as we know always sees trouble in black and white. Never sees the other side of the coin very often. Whereas Sam sees the potential in the situation, that he... Continue Reading →


Did the Alpha VAMP want to DIE??

This thought continues to go around in my head. I just had a gut feeling that they bought the actor Ricky Worthy back just to kill him off, for dramatic effect. But I am crying was his DEATH dramatic enough>?? I posted a thread up on that it seemed all too easy for a... Continue Reading →


Do you feel that Crowley has lost his way?

I just think with him teaming up with Cas, and hanging around with humans isn't doing much for his street cred? He seems to have lost his leadership skills a bit, and doesn't appear as fearless as he once did. I know he can turn it on when he has too. But at one time... Continue Reading →


Getting to know Mary?

Well, season 12 is back in full swing. Over the Summer I seemed nervous about Mary's return and how she would fit in to the boys daily routine's. Those doubts soon dwindled as I found myself connecting with her on screen, and thinking what was I ever worrying about. Samantha Smith reminded me of Ellen... Continue Reading →


An end of season thank you.

I am as a person very lucky to have such a talented bunch writing for me. So the usual thank you goes to all of you who have worked hours and hours on your articles without pay, is just wow. My blog wasn't doing that well, and then  I thought ,after "Supernaturally Devoted" closed down,... Continue Reading →


Supernatural : Safe House

Oh, I really loved the episode last night, and not just for the annual cameo by Bobby Singer. It was a win for the brothers, and we got to see some Bobby and Rufus action, which is always fun. They aren't really a close parallel for Sam and Dean, being two of the crankiest human... Continue Reading →


In the Beginning… (Castiel #1)

I'm back with another Castiel write up! I decided how I was going to work this out. Each post will be written as follows- I will pick episodes in chronological order from seasons 4 onwards that have Castiel in them. Each season will be divided into halves or thirds depending on the number of episodes... Continue Reading →


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