XI : Winchester Brothers Report “She overpowered me, end of story”

Last week gave us the ghost hunt with the soul sucking twist. In “Our Little World”, the  brothers find out why the Soul Eater was wandering around the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. After she decimated his staff, Crowley put Amara on a diet but the rebellious teenager (thousand-year old teenager) has been sneaking out the house for nightly snacks : a Sidney lemon cake outside a bar, a crunchy Len sandwich outside a bed and breakfast. Special Agent Smith, and Smith, are on the case. Follow the bread crumbs, they will lead you to The Darkness.

Sam and Dean : locating Amara

When the brothers discover that Len has been removed from the board by a demon, they set a trap with the help of Amara’s last victim, Goldie. Marco, the devil that gets caught in the net explains that he works for Crowley and has been sweeping up the boss’ daughter’s leftovers.

Sam’s new rules : trying some kind of no-kill policy?”

samsnokillpolicy by itsokaysammy

Crowley’s hideaway is guarded by demons and Sam proves that he’s committed to his new policy.  After he tried to save Marco’s meatsuit, he sets out to disarm Crowley’s minions with fists, agility and demonic handcuffs.

“Pacifism doesn’t pay.”

Sam is still faced with the choice of using the blade or getting strangled to death. In the end, he’s  satisfied with the score: 2 out of 3 meatsuits made it out alive.

Dean and Amara : “I’m fascinated”

“I’m sorry Amara.”

Dean talks a good game about being ready to kill Amara but already in the motel, he looks like he has a hard time breathing at the thought of harming her. The second he lays eyes on her, he falls under her spell.

deanmaracheekstroke by itsokaysammy

“Tell me, what is happening here, between us.”

The feeling is mutual. Amara’s fascinated by Dean, too, and she’s still trying to understand why. He was the first thing she saw after thousands of years in captivity. Her first experience of creation. There’s no fighting what’s between them and she knows one thing for sure : they won’t hurt each other. When Crowley threatens Dean’s life, Amara steps in to protect him.

The real Amara twist : she’s God’s sister

Last week, I called The Darkness being involved in the Lizzy case the “Amara twist”. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Metatron drops a bombshell and a actual twist on those of us who didn’t see it coming. “In order to create the world, God had to give up the only thing he’d ever known. He had to betray and sacrifice his only kin – the Darkness. His sister.”   We finally know what she came here to do : settle an old score.

All of us not named Dean Winchester? Run for cover.

Overall grade : 8/10

I give this one an 8/10. The parts that were good, the ones with Dean, Sam, Amara, were excellent, and any point deducted had to do with the scenes I didn’t enjoy as much.

I love this return to the hunter Winchesters. They’re back to using the tools of their trade. Tracking locations, using an evidence board, discussing the cases. I like!

I appreciate the fact that the writers were truly going somewhere with Sam’s new resolution. He’s been committed, every step of the way, to saving lives and he should be proud of himself. That said, a fangirl worries. The second they come for your throat, Sam, get that blade. I don’t want to see you hurt, infected, possessed or in a coma again. Your meatsuit has also been through a lot.

I’ve been going on, and on, and on, about Deamara since episode 1 and yesterday? They delivered. That chemistry, is off. the. charts. Jensen Ackles and Samantha Isler had me on the edge of my seat. It’s like Dean and Amara are swallowed in a vortex of mutual fascination whenever they are in each other’s vicinity. “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” painted a clear picture of what happens when they’re together. They become surrounded by a blue cloud and it is quiet, and peaceful, and strange inside, and I’m as fascinated by them as they are by each other. As Metatron would say, “Sorcery!”

Best Sam moment # 1 : fist fighting with demons

heavingbossomsam by heavenlysams

They were so good yesterday, they each get two.

I loved every moment of Sam in that hallway. Jared did an amazing job with the physical scenes, the fights, trying to knock open the reinforced door, and being knocked down by the first vision. 10s all around. On a shallow note, Padalecki’s looking good, and thanks Chuck for that new hair.

Best Sam moment # 2 : “you and Crowley’s summer of love”

summerofove by themegalosaurus

“I keep forgetting about you and Crowley summer of love.”

Yikes. Sounds like someone’s still a bit sour about his brother’s former “mistress” (see “Mother’s Little Helper” for the reference). Sam has every right to be vexed. I love Crowley, but should he ever die, I want Sam to be given the pleasure of killing him. Crowley tried his damnest to wreck Sam’s home and Sam’s been wanting to kill him since season 5. He’s earned the right.

Best Dean moment #1 : him watching Amara leave

deanlookingatamara by kissablesam

Nooo… My love. What is she doing to you?

Those who know me know I’m an Ackleholic and a Jensenologist. I’ve studied the Ackting. I know the man’s expressions but yesterday, he freaked me out. I haven’t seen him pull that rabbit out of his hat until now and it disturbs something in my soul. He’s conveying, a little too well, how lost Dean is to himself when it comes to Amara. That hint of desperation in his eyes as he watching her walk away made me want to kick her out of the club. It was all fun and games when she was fangirling all over him but now it looks like she’s killing him slowly, and robbing bits of his soul every time she looks at him.

Best Dean moment #2 : she overpowered me

sheoveroweredme by themegalosaurus

No one should be suspicious that a being of “almost infinite power” was able to escape the grasp a human being (even if said being is Turbo Charged Super Human Dean Winchester), yet, it is clear that Sam and Castiel both think there’s more to this story. Are they starting to notice how oddly he’s acting about Amara? The facade is starting to crack, and they better start worrying.

The Summer Crown Affair

“Do you know how disturbing it was, to realize that I couldn’t bring myself to kill you.”

I’ve talked at length about Crowley’s understandable obsession with Dean. I call them Crown, my King of Hell and my King of the Damned and I’ve loved their weird relationship since “The Devil You Know”. Yesterday for the first time, it had a bitter taste and made me wish Dean had given Crowley the beating of his life when he had the power to. “Hey idiot, andale! It’s Spanish for get your ass over here.” I knew it wasn’t all beers and sombreros between them but I never dreamed  Crowley would be arrogant enough to talk to a Knight of Hell like this. It gave me glimpse of some of the “embarrassing” stuff Dean’s not talking about and how for a time, he might have felt so low, lost and broken about being a demon, that he passively tolerated more than he should have from Crowley. Or maybe he just didn’t care enough. I hope it’s the latter. Either way, I don’t like it.

“Too much going on between you and I. Bromance.”

The love has really gone south, and former Lonely Girl Crowley even believes that for the first time, he’s ready to kill his former flame. Not on my watch, says The Darkness.

Deanmara : the “sweet folly”

Amara gives Crowley the spanking Demon Dean should have given him and she only spares his life after he swears to let Dean go.

“Told ya.”

“You save me. I save you.” Amara trusts in her bond with Dean. She puts the demon killing knife back in his hand and stands in front of the blade, daring him to use it. He doesn’t. Until…

Best broment : Amara? Meet number 1

samdeanamara by itsokaysammy

It takes Amara hurting Sam to snap Dean out of his trance, somewhat. He’s a bit shaky as he tries to attack her but at least, we know even God’s sister can’t silence his internal “Don’t touch Sammy” alarm. Which brings us to this season’s theme. Another sibling parallel. Michael banished his beloved Lucifer. Cain killed his beloved Abel. I’m going to suppose that God loved Amara, a lot, but he sold her out too. Once again, somebody’s going to try to have the brothers disown each other. I’m not a betting woman, but my money’s on the Winchesters, and I’ll be here, patiently waiting for the finale, to see brotherly love triumph in an epic way. Once again.

Juicy Bit : the Cage

thecage by themegalosaurus

Not again…

Sam’s visions are getting more precise and he now sees the Cage clearly. And whose hand is that? Lucifer’s? Michael’s? Please don’t let it be Future!Sam. He’s terrified already and I will not have a merry Christmas if they drop him in there in the mid season cliffhanger.

This is all getting depressing so let’s end with a laugh.

Funny moment: are they serious with that doll hand?

crowleysbrokenhand by mooseleys

I know the budget is tight but really? I can already see Mark Sheppard breaking out of character in the gag reel like, “Are you serious with this puppet hand? I can’t.”

Final verdict

fbichesterinsync by sasquatchandleatherjacket

I definitely enjoyed this one. I loved watching the boys be hunters. The tracking, the evidence board, the demon interrogation, the action, the fight scenes. It all worked for me. I also liked watching Sam implement his new rules. It’s kind of hot, actually. Just don’t get yourself killed. You know Singing Billie is just waiting for the chance to drop into the Empty.

I got a real kick out of the call back to “Changing Channels” with the wall paper they used in the boys’ motel room. Nice!

I’ve always liked Crowley’s bespectacled minion, the one who helpfully pointed out to Crowlette that she was going through menopause, and I’m glad Sam could save his meatsuit.

Deanmara was everything I didn’t know I wanted and more. I only expected these kinds of sparks to fly when Emily Swallow returned but Samantha Isler did an outstanding job in her scene with Jensen Ackles. I didn’t see the God sister twist coming, because I thought The Darkness predated God. I do like what this means for our brother duo. They will choose each other, proving their bond is superior to the one of God’s first humans, the one of God’s archangels, and even the one God himself had with his sister. Bring it, and let brotherhood reign.

I’m worried about Dean. Amara has entirely too much power over him. I wanted to jump in and cover his eyes as he was watching her leave. I feel like the more he looks at her, the more whatever spell she cast on him takes root. I did love the fact that even she is not strong enough to erase what Dean calls his “weakness” for Sam. Outside of that, she has him like a puppet on a string… Don’t hurt him Darkness. You promised.

As for the Cage? What Cage? I don’t want to think about the Cage. Just keep Sam out of the Cage! Oh, this is getting good.

Don’t you think? Metatron aside, did you like “Our Little World” as much as I did?



XI : Winchester Brothers Report
11.01 “We Broke It, We Bought It”
11.02 “That Giant, Crazy Fart”
11.03 “And I have a fake badge”
11.04 “We’re home”
11.05 “That whole sensitive verbal massage”

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20 thoughts on “XI : Winchester Brothers Report “She overpowered me, end of story”

Add yours

  1. “we know even God’s sister can’t silence his internal “Don’t touch Sammy” alarm”
    This saved the episode for me. I wasnt happy with Dean being “hypnotized” by her. I will tolerate it as long as it doesn’t get sexual because EWWW shes still physically a child! Going right now to watch again to see how I really feel about it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, it’s really unsettling to see how much power Amara has over Dean.
      I do like that the bond he has with Sam is still stronger than the whammy she put on him.
      As for Amara, I don’t think she’s going to be in a teenage body for long at the rate she’s growing. Would you have a problem if things get sexual between Dean and adult!Amara?


      1. Yes I think I would be upset-he knew her as a baby and as a child-its just too close to pervy. If he ahd never interacted with the younger versions I wouldn’t have cared. Anyway-I don’t think its going to come to that. I just can’t see Dean “sleeping with the enemy” unless she turns out to not REALLY be the enemy….

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “I just can’t see Dean “sleeping with the enemy” unless she turns out to not REALLY be the enemy….”

          I can’t see him sleeping with the enemy either… when he has his wits about him. Problem is, when it comes to Amara, Dean’s mind is gone.

          You bring up a great point. I’m also not 100% sure what Amara is. Is she an enemy? I don’t even get the feeling that she’s evil, and that’s one of the things I like about her. She’s not a one-dimension cut and dry villain. She’s not easy to read, and I can’t take my eyes off her because I have no idea what she’s going to do next. I like this feeling 🙂


  2. There is something ‘special’ between Amara and Dean, and she did say it was her first taste of creation since being locked away. I found it a bit unnerving for the young teenager to touch Dean’s face as if they had been long time lovers! Very interesting, the sibling parallels you draw. Can’t wait to see it all unfold…and “Yikes!” I do think the cage was shown with hands inside for a reason. I also hope Sam isn’t bound there for the mid-season finale.’ Who could go get his soul back is Death is really dead?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I found it a bit unnerving for the young teenager to touch Dean’s face as if they had been long time lovers!”

      It was. Amara looked smitten with Dean but I thought it was a continuation of their first meeting. Adult!Amara herself looked like she was very drawn to him. We see a teenager but it’s essentially the same thousand year old entity.

      “Very interesting, the sibling parallels you draw.”

      Thank you. I was shocked that Amara was God’s sister but as soon as I heard, I thought, hey, another pair of feuding siblings! Sounds familiar…

      “I do think the cage was shown with hands inside for a reason.”
      Me too. Someone is trying to get out or someone is getting back in.

      “I also hope Sam isn’t bound there for the mid-season finale.’ Who could go get his soul back is Death is really dead?”

      It’s a nightmare. The death omens are swirling around Sam. The Cage is calling his name, and Billie the reaper told him she will drop him into the Empty the first chance she gets. I’m getting scared that our Sam is getting dropped somewhere in a couple of episodes. I really hope I’m wrong because how will Dean pull off a rescue without the Horseman? Well, come to think of it, God’s sister has a crush on him, I’m sure she would be willing to help.
      I can’t wait to see what happens! I’m loving this season 🙂


  3. That is a great point out the Winchesters using their traditional hunter techniques. I really added to the episode. It did seem like Dean reacted to Amara hurting his brother. If their relationship can help Sam to overcome Lucifer, let’s hope that it can do the same when it comes to Amara. Love the sister twist!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you. I’m really enjoy the back-to-basics feel of this season. The Winchesters are incredible hunters and it’s always a treat to watch them in action.

      “If their relationship can help Sam to overcome Lucifer, let’s hope that it can do the same when it comes to Amara.”

      I think that’s where this is going. The show loves to test their bond but the brotherhood always wins out in the end.

      I love the God sister twist too, and the fun part is I didn’t see it coming. It was a nice surprise 🙂


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