The Darkness doesent seem to be evil ?

This little article came up on IMDb and was posted by Noblestromana in a thread with the above heading, who agreed with this writer on Tumblr. Its interesting because the writer goes back to the beginning and why Dean is important to The Darkness, and why she thinks she couldn't consume Dean's soul. Where The Darkness... Continue Reading →


The Bearers of The Mark of Cain?

Castiel'sCat raised a good point in a thread on IMDb so hope she doesn't mind me discussing her thoughts here, as I thought it was interesting to expand on and look at all three sets of characters involved with bearing the Mark of Cain....   As for the Mark. Everyone said oh the Mark is evil... Continue Reading →

Why was the MARK named after CAIN??

Lightsaberboy on IMDb posed this question and it got me thinking too; what was the mark of Cain called before Cain? When he wasn't the original bearer of the mark. God entrusted the mark to Lucifer so why wasn't it called The Mark of LUCIFER? Since according to the story as told by Death in... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Nine

I have complicated feelings about Season Nine. I think it's a strong season- but it isn't a favourite. The angelic beaurocracy felt to me like a drag after Season Eight, and Cas's arc began to get a little cutesy for my taste. But I think the massive argument between Sam and Dean is wonderfully done.... Continue Reading →


Decade Part II: 10 Dazzling Demons

DECADE: A Supernatural Anniversary Series by VMOTD (Part II) PART II: 10 DAZZLING DEMONS Laurence, Kansas November 2nd, 1983 A demon enters the Winchesters' home. 10 years ago, the one we've come to know as Yellow Eyes graced our screens for the first time. Demons are the first monster of Supernatural and the subject of... Continue Reading →


Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can... Continue Reading →


The Prophecy according to Cain?

As in Executioners Song, Cain reminded Dean of the future and what was about to   foreshadow him. And what Cain envisaged would fall onto the eldest Winchester that eventually he would kill Crowley, Castiel and then finally his brother Sam. So if this prediction is to come true, and judging by canon it is more... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on the rest of the season? 10x15 : The Things They Carried 10x16 : Paint It Black 10x17 : Inside Man 10x18 : Book Of The Damned 10x19 : The Werther Project 10x20 : Angel Heart 10x21 : Dark Dynasty 10x22 : The Prisoner 10x23 : My Brother's Keeper Okay the rest of the episode titles have been posted on... Continue Reading →


Questions about season 10?

I thought this blog entry might be a little different, I thought about putting questions to you guys and see how YOU answer them. I adored the last episode and there were so many highlights. I think the episode had to go to Jensen and Tim! They were dynamite!! It was a FULL 10 from... Continue Reading →


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