THE WINCHESTER BROTHER’S ROAD TRIP ~ Book Layout new material please read!

Book Layout revised Template! As promised I would get this up for those whom are involved with the making of this book and for those who have agreed to contribute to it. I have listed each sections below with a table of whom is doing what seasons. We EACH do the following on every episode review.... Continue Reading →



I am so thrilled with how this project is coming into fruition. I now have all seasons covered and need two clarifications from the following writers. Virile and Caroline Neumann. So here are the layouts by author who is doing what season. If you are all happy with you're chosen templates I will email you the... Continue Reading →


First published back on September the 1st 2015

The reason behind this reblogging is to say that I have had some interest in my email box which I have found by surprise today. Those whom have expressed an interest in the project are as follows:

Virile – is keen on season 2 – please let me know of the other season you would like please.

Caroline Neumann – is expressing an interest in seasons 8/9 and have pencilled her in.
Karen Booth
Sahiba Mann
Ikeke (who raised the possibility that she might be interested.)

Now including myself, we have enough seasons to do two complete seasons each. So if those of you whom are still up for it. Please do not hesitate to comfirm and I will get the ball rolling and we can start as soon as possible. What I need from you for definite is which TWO seasons you are prepared to take on and be in soul charge of.

Those whom didn’t see the project the first time around but would still like to be included in this amazing project let me know by email or in the comment box below. Many thanks for you’re interest as its made my day. My dream could still happen with you’re cooperation!

Please contact me via email using this address –

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Book project – by fans for fans!

A while back now I had an idea to compile a book where the book would map out the Winchester Brothers Journey and showing a map with each episode guide and pinning the journey on a map where they had been. I remember talking about it to Lou and going off the idea because of the shear work load involved, now with 10 seasons to pen. I also knew a similar book was already out on the market but only went up to Season 7, with a view on preempting Season 8.  The Essential Supernatural – ‘On the Road’ with Sam and Dean Winchester, written by Nicholas Knight with a forward by Eric Kripke. Also with Superwiki and other sites holding information about the show. So this idea went into the back of beyond in the deepest forest of my mind somewhere, until…

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Is Crowley faking it?

Ever since that scene with Abaddon in 'Road Trip' and he let the boys escape out the kindness of his heart I thought did he teleport? Then in the clip for 'Blade Runners' we see Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine. Is this a deliberate front? We know the man is always... Continue Reading →

Sam and Dean – filler fan questions?

   I seem to have hit a dead end and had a bit of bad writers block, I have to say this season is not thrilling me like it has. I hope by Christmas the meat of the show will be back. So my question today as a filler until I've seen the episode; What... Continue Reading →

Sam’s Room – My wish was granted!

I put up a piece on Supernaturally Devoted yesterday about the boys rooms, and what a home really means to them. Thought you might like to read it here too. Since those early days we as the audience have been overwhelmed by these boys’ lives and shed many a tear along the way. We felt... Continue Reading →

It got me thinking about the past?

I as a fan never watched this show from the pilot, I cannot for the life of me think what planet I was on, to have missed this magical story unfold. Eight years of story telling is a long time for writers to go back and check their own history and keep it fresh and... Continue Reading →

Do we think the boys drink a lot?

A post over on IMDB struck a point for today's discussion on this New Year's eve. Seems an appropriate topic, me thinks.  We have over there talked in length many a time about Dean's unhealthy appetite for drink. A beer or a good old tumbler of whiskey. I often think about them getting into a car and... Continue Reading →

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